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00 How-Tos, Styles & Best Practices: Basics

A place to keep the rules and things we have created. For our internal use only. not to be published.

Choose the Right Type of Guide

  1. Class Guides. These are for specific classes.
  2. Tutorials -- These are the current “how to” pages and include things like brainstorming, evaluating, logging in, citing sources, etc.
  3. Special Topics - These are for subject-specific tutorials: ArtStor help; Math Review, English Review, LGBTQ, etc.
  4. Videos -  individual guides for each tutorial. When we want to add a tutorial to a guide, reuse it from the main video guide.
    1. General tutorial videos, start guide name with Video -
    2. For 30 Clicks videos, start guide name with 30 Clicks
    3. Streaming Videos have (video) in parentheses at the end. (they are added as link assets)

Title and header metadata

A. Guide Name: Title case

B. Page Name (notice it is the same as the tab name for the page) Title Case

C. Description: see Style Guide for LibGuides piping

D. Friendly URL for the guide:

  • should match the Guide name. Lower case, no spaces, connect words with a hyphen. Examples of Guide Names and friendly URLs for Class Guides:
    Guide name: ENGL 101 - English Composition I (Franklin)
    guide-level friendly url: engl101-franklin
  • Guide name: ENGL 102 - English Composition II (Lucas)
  • guide-level friendly url: engl102-lucas

E. Add appropriate subjects
F. Friendly URL for the page: don’t really need unless you want to link to a page from another guide (at least not unless we discover whether or not we really need them. It will slow us down, and we really want links to be made at guide level).


Just a place to drop useful links...

Springshare Media & policy:

Guides, Pages & Boxes

libguides guides, pages and boxes

Adding Boxes and Content to Boxes

  • Box name – use title or sentence case depending on what you need.
  • Do not link to databases inside the “rich text” of boxes. Use the Add a database feature.
  • Try to avoid linking to external websites inside the rich text of a box. Use the “add a link” feature.
  • Avoid adding big pasted tables to rich text.
  • Special container is cool (rich text wysiwyg editor: styles > special container)
  • Use floating boxes to reduce noise. Especially good for gallery and for tabbed boxes  (pencil icon in box title > check “Floating box.”
  • Just like Drupal, use the style and normal options to format text.

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