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BIOL 139 - Introduction to Wildlife (Perillo): Home

Library information and resources for Kathleen Perillo's BIOL 139 class


Students will be able to locate appropriate articles to summarize and analyze, following the assignment criteria.

Criteria for Articles

Criteria for Articles

  • Published during the present academic quarter
  • Gives solid coverage (not just a short paragraph or two)
  • Covers a wildlife topic that is controversial.  (Simple descriptions of a wildlife refuge or rehabilitation of wildlife will not offer the controversy or differing viewpoints for you to consider and analyze.)
  • Covers a species that occurs in the Pacific Northwest.  This includes the area from southern British Columbia to Northern California.

Suggested Resources

(instructor's note: I usually find their articles to be too short for this assignment but they sometimes have links to longer articles at the end.)

Great Horned Owlets
Otters on the bank
Howling Coyote (Canis latrans) DSC_0067

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