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Foreign Market Expansion Plan

You will create and present a foreign market entry business plan for taking an American consumer product into a foreign country. 

Learning Objectives: 

1) Define culture, discuss the sociocultural aspects of it as a phenomenon, and explain the
significance of the cultural differences for international business.

2) Describe how geographical features of a country or region create contextual differences
that contribute to economic, cultural, political, and social conditions important to
international business. Also, outline the nonrenewable and renewable energy sources and
their broad business implications. Explain the major characteristics of sustainable business,
and the concept of environmental sustainability and its potential influence on business.

Learning Materials:

Course Textbook: International Business by Geringer, McNett, Minor, & Ball. 

Various Websites: World Bank, IMF, CIA World Factbook, APA style formatting guide, Purdue OWL, library databases (see other tabs on this guide for more resources!)


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