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Integrative and Active Learning Resources and Connections: Integrative Learning Assignment Ideas

A gathering place for information, ideas, news, and connections regarding integrative and active learning.

Integrative Learning Ideas & Assignments

The tabs below house documents that explain fully developed and general ideas for integrative learning assignments, activities, and courses. Anything posted here is free for your use. Some contributors have indicated that they would like attribution if you use their lesson plan or course plan. 

It is organized to help you find ideas related to your interest. For instance, if you are interested in Math, integrative ideas related to Math are available in the "Mathematics" tab. They may also be listed in the "English" tab if the assignment or course integrates Math and English.

If you have ideas to contribute, please go to the Home page and click on the submission link.

Click on the tabs below to be inspired. Don't hesitate, integrate!