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CAP 074 - College & Academic Prep (Byrd): Home

Library information and resources for Caron Byrd's CAP 074 class


By the end of today's session, students will be able to:

  • name four criteria for identifying quality information
  • list two or three reasons to use subject encyclopedias
  • identify a library database for finding articles in subject encyclopedias
  • identify a library database that provides access to articles in newspapers, magazines and journals

IRIS Tutorial: Subject Encyclopedias

Screenshot of the IRIS tutorial for Subject Encyclopedias

Evaluate Information A.S.A.P.

Is a source worth your time and energy? Is it appropriate for your needs? Here is a way to evaluate all types of sources.

  • Author: Look for the author’s name(s), credentials, expertise, other work, reputation, recommendations
  • Sources: Look for a bibliography, works cited, or other list of sources the author used
  • Age: Look for the publication or copyright date. Is it current enough for your topic?  
  • Publisher: Look for the name of the publisher (or parent website). What other kinds of sources does this publisher provide?

Subject Encyclopedias

The follow are great places to start for locating articles in subject-specific (academic) encyclopedias.

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