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CGT 105 - User Experience Design (Hughes) - 2012-2018: Spring 2018

Library information and resources for Bob Hughes's CGT 105 class

Spring 2018 Usability Testing - New Library Catalog 2018 Beta

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New Library Catalog 2018 Beta Usability Testing

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      During Spring 2018 term, CGT 105 students tested new Library Catalog 2018, prior to its full implementation. In this second round of testing of the New Primo User Interface, students' feedback led to discovery of usability problems and design improvements.

Usability Testing Summary

  • Watchers observed as Doers performed tasks in the new library catalog.
  • Watchers transcribed their observations via online questionnaire. 
  • Doers reflected on each task via a separate questionnaire.
  • Both watchers and doers assessed the difficulty of the task from their perspective and from a perspective of a designated persona.

Reflections on Test Results Assignment

  • After reviewing the response data from the testing,  comment on anything you find notable or surprising?
  • After reviewing the Summary Report respond to the following:
    • Were any of the aggregate results here surprising in some way?
    • Did the report generally validate your experience as a doer or watcher in this testing?
    • Describe and comment upon  what you consider to be a notable highlight of the testing?
  • Comment on your experience with the testing session, stressing the way it was designed and executed.

Best Practices Assignment

Compare Library Catalog 2018 Beta with library catalogs from two different Orbis Cascade Alliance institutions.

Recommend best design practices for the following:

  • Sign in or log in option
  • Catalog home page
  •  Search results page


If time remains, sketch a prototype design for the new Clark Libraries Catalog that reflects your recommendations.