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Outcomes for Library Session

By the end of the library session, students will be able to: 

  • identify characteristics of quality, reliable information
  • navigate to library databases that can provide academic sources
  • identify organizations taking action on social justice issues
  • identify tools that can provide guidance for properly citing sources 

Assignment Basics

Social Problem Research Paper: Literature Review, Analysis and Social Justice 

  1. Choose a social problem and provide a review of the literature. Use a minimum of 5 academic sources; more sources is OK.
  2. Research an organization that is taking steps to reduce the negative consequences of your chosen issue. The organization of your choice must be taking ACTION to reduce the issue (not just preaching or blogging about it being “bad”).
  3.  Reflect on the social justice response and the organization you found. Evaluate their approach and provide your own recommendations for promoting social justice.

Please see your course canvas shell for more complete assignment details. 

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