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Library information and resources for Timothy Kent's SURV 223 class

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Find Your Case

Search for your legal case in the above database, LexisNexis. Search by the case citation or by parties.


Step 1: Thoroughly read the case and write down ALL clues that indicate the location of the dispute. Write down names of landmarks, addresses, county name, or building names.

Step 2: If you have a parcel number or street address, go to the website for the county and search their maps for an image of the area. Each county has its own website, so there is not just one way or one place to go to do this step.

Example, Mercer Isl. Beach Club v. Pugh, 53 Wn. 2d 450

Finding a map or diagram of the boundary dispute area can be a little tricky, especially if there is not much information about the area in the case. You may have to create your own diagram based on the description of the dispute.

Resources for Legal Terminology

Search for definitions of legal terms in Gale Virtual Reference Library, an online source for reference books. This database contains the Gale Encyclopedia of American Law.

You can also use the following print resources:


Students will be able to:

  • Contact someone from the library for help
  • Find a legal case by citation or parties in LexisNexis or Google Scholar
  • Find print and online sources related to their legal case

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